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Dental Implant in Bronx NY

Dental implants in Bronx NY

With just a little time invested, you can have our dental implant in Bronx NY, and enjoy its use for a long time; maybe even for life. At the office of Dr. Darryl Lieberman, you can expect a streamlined process from start to finish. And at the end, you’ll have your full smile back.

Your consultation with our cosmetic dentist starts things of. You’ll be able to have all of your questions answered, and testing will be done to determine if implants are suitable for you. Your gums need to be healthy in general. More important than that is your jaw bone. Our dental implant in Bronx NY needs to become fused with your jaw. It’s that bond which makes for an artificial root, forming the foundation for your new tooth. If your jaw bone does not meet the necessary standard, you would be considered ineligible. However, a bone grafting procedure augments your jaw bone, restoring your ability to qualify for our dental implant in Bronx NY. When you have been pronounced a good candidate, the titanium post, which is the new root, is surgically placed in your jaw. You will then wait as the bone tissue grows around it. When our cosmetic dentist verifies that the post has become fused with your jaw, impressions are then taken for the fashioning of your new tooth. The dental lab makes this crown and you will have it cemented to the post at our office. You then have a fully functional implant. Speak, laugh, and chew even the crunchiest and toughest foods with complete confidence. Brush your new implant and floss between it and your other teeth as you would normally.

Set up your consultation at our office. Contact usĀ dental implant in Bronx NY right now and you’ll be taking that first essential step toward your new tooth.

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