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Dental Cleaning in Bronx NY

Importance of Biannual Dental Visits

If you want your teeth and gums to remain as healthy as possible, you should come to our dental practice, Dr. Darryl Lieberman, where you will receive excellent preventive dental care. Our patients are encouraged to have biannual dental visits, as well as to have a dental cleaning in Bronx NY every six months.

When you come to our dental practice you will be seen by our top-notch dentist, Dr. Darryl Lieberman. Many of our patients choose to arrange to have a dental cleaning in Bronx NY on the same day of the dental exam so that they will be able to have all of their routine dental work performed in one office visit. It is very important that you come in twice a year to have dental exams and cleanings to not only help your teeth remain healthy and cavity-free, but so that our dentist can find any dental problems while they are still small. Having biannual dental exams is actually cost-effective because it is much easier and less expensive to treat a dental problem while it is still small, rather than wait until you have a large dental problem that needs treatment. For example, our dentist can quickly fix a small dental cavity. However, if the dental cavity is never treated, it will eventually reach the center of the tooth and you will need to have a root canal treatment in order to save the tooth. During dental exams, the health of your gums will also be assessed; you will most likely be able to stop gum disease from developing if you have routine dental cleanings and exams. If our dentist finds that you have gingivitis, he will most likely recommend that you have several dental cleanings over the coming months to help your gums return to good health. During routine dental exams, your mouth will also be thoroughly assessed for any signs of oral cancer or problems caused by teeth grinding.

For an appointment to meet with our dentist for a dental exam, or to have a dental cleaning in Bronx NY, simply contact our office.

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